Welcome to Your New IO University Experience!

SIO is excited to launch an all-new IO University platform and improve your user experience!

Enhanced features of the new platform include:

  • Single sign-on: No more double login! Access IO University any time with your regular member login information to review your history or access current content.
  • Personalized experience: This new system can help curate content for you based on your interests. Update your IO University profile to receive customized recommendations on the content that matters most to you.
  • Improved user controls: Start, stop and resume your learning seamlessly – no more buffering or skipping! Track your progress and never miss a beat of our extensive on-demand content.
  • Access anywhere, on any device: The mobile responsive design is compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones, making your educational content completely portable.
  • Indefinite access to content: No more expirations! LMA educational content that you purchase will now be available to you indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access a recording?
  • Purchase a recording by clicking “register” and then proceeding to your cart. After payment is processed, recordings will appear within the My Dashboard section of IO University. If not payment is required, your price will show as $0. 
What types of educational products are available?
  • There are many options for eLearning. All options are available for viewing and filtering through the Catalog function and include on-demand webinars, conference recordings, and other courses. The topics and level of experience vary by program.
How do I login?
  • Your login information to IO University is the same as the credentials you use for the SIO website. Please log into your SIO profile first. Once logged into your SIO website profile you will be able to login to SIO University. 
I lost my password; how do I reset it?
  • Visit the SIO-Central Login Page profile and click the "Username or Password Help" link under the login fields. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.
What do the learning levels represent?
  • Level 100 - Early Career, Residents and Medical Students
  • Level 200 - Mid-Career
  • Level 300 - Advanced
How do I define my interests to ensure the most accurate recommendations are displayed under the 'Recommended for You' section?
  • To define your interest areas navigate to 'My Profile' on the menu tab. Please use the 'Interest Categories' section to the right to adjust your interests. Please indicate your level of interest in each category as follows: 0 = low level of interest and 5 = high level of interest. This information will be used to automatically recommend content that interests you the most. When finished, be sure to click the "Save" button.
Can users still purchase recordings after a live event takes place?
  • Yes, on-demand recordings for most webinars will be made available for purchase through IO University.
For how long do I have access to purchased content?
  • All registrants will have indefinite access to the purchased recordings and resources. Should anything change with product availability, you will be notified.
What if I can’t attend live, will the recording be provided?
  • Yes, live event recordings will be made available following the event in the product catalog. Depending on the event there may be a cost to access the recording.
Does SIO offer refunds for online learning purchases?
  • SIO does not offer refunds for any of the on demand education. There may be varied cancellation policies for specific events and courses.
Do you accept purchase orders for online education?
  • No, SIO does not accept purchase orders for online education. 
How do I purchase a product for multiple team members, or on behalf of someone else?
Where Can I Find My Learning History?
  • When logged into IO University, navigate to the 'My Dashboard' tab on the side menu of your screen. For information on history or activities prior to 2022, please email info@sio-central.org.
Additional Questions? Contact SIO at info@sio-central.org